Making a List…

I’ve been looking over my short-list of movies to include in this blog. Most of them are either science fiction or disaster films.  It was suggested to me earlier today that I try watching Jersey Shore Shark Attack.  I’m not sure what circle of Hell I’d need to be in to watch that movie. (Wait, I know. The circle before you get to the worst one of all: the circle in which you watch the Twilight movies back to back.)  Rain check on that one…for now.

But yeah, it’s really hard to find those meh movies that aren’t in the sci-fi/fantasy or disaster (or both) genre. I think I’ve got one fairy tale locked in, but doesn’t that fall into fantasy?  And why do the terrible movies find their way into that genre? I LOVE sci-fi/fantasy, and I’m up for any end of the world/post-apocalyptic tale you can toss my way.  Maybe it’s because the genres are so open to interpretation. I’m just not sure.

I’ve got it! I’ll toss a Lifetime movie or two. That ought to balance things out!  And a Family Channel family film! I can’t wait until Christmas! There will be so many, I’ll have a hard time picking just one! Mwah ha ha……..


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