Cleansing the Palate

That horrible Snow White movie left a God-awful taste in my brain. It’s taken awhile to shake that experience off. I turned to alcohol which only dulled the sense of loss for the 90 minutes wasted. The electroshock therapy didn’t help much either. Any mention of fairy tales, elves, lizards, Shakespeare or hats just brought on nasty flashbacks that embarrassed family members and friends. I was going to have to get over this thing the hard way. For one week, I wasn’t going to watch a single “meh movie.”  

So here’s how I recovered: I watched good movies.  I’d like to highly recommend The Way Back. Directed by Peter Weir, and starring Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, and Ed Harris, this drama is about a group of prisoners who escape from a Siberian Gulag during World War II.  It’s based on a book that’s supposedly based on a true story. I loved it.

I watched 3.5 movies today because it’s Sunday, and I felt like relaxing. I’ll explain.  This morning, I enjoyed Seabiscuit. Everyone knows this movie, right? This was the story of the little horse who could. This was was also based on a true story. I cried my way though this one. The movie’s emotional to begin with seeing as it takes place during the Great Depression, and Seabiscuit was a sort of inspirational figure for the “little guy.” But really, I tend to sob during animal-centric films. I’m always worried the starring animal(s) will somehow be injured, killed or mistreated. This is why I refuse to see War Horse. It’s just not going to happen.

My next film was Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Do I need to go into more details? It’s just a seriously good film.

LOTR was followed by one of my favorite Hayley Mills movies: Summer Magic. This is one my mom and I like to watch together. In fact, just a week ago, we were quoting a few of the lines to each other. It’s a cute film about a family that moves to this little town in Maine where Burl Ives helps fix up their house and sings about unattractive bugs. There’s more to it than that, but it would take too long to explain. What does need explaining (and this was pointed out by my mom) is why the main siblings in the movie do not have the same hair color. Hayley Mills is blond. The guy who plays her brother has very red hair, and the youngest has very dark brown hair. Hmmm…… Anyways, it’s a fun, family movie, and I like it.

The 1/2 movie was the 2nd half of a film called TiMER. I don’t think it’s out on DVD. The first time I watched it was when I had free streaming on Netflix. Timer is sort of a sci-fi film in which this corporation (TiMER) has created the most perfect matchmaking device. It’s this little countdown timer that’s implanted on a person’s wrist. When their “one” or soulmate gets a timer, both timers activate and start to count down to the day they’ll actually meet. On that day, when the two are within so many feet of one another their timers will go off simultaneously. Seems odd, and how it works is never really explained, but most everyone has one. What is interesting, is that main character Oona (Emma Caulfield) has had her timer since she was a teenager, and hers has never activated. Her step-sister, meanwhile, has a timer that shows she won’t meet her special someone until she’s in her forties. Oona’s younger brother is like thirteen, and his timer activates as soon as he gets it—and he meets his one about a week later. Go figure. It’s one of those fate versus choice movies, and it’s kind of chick flick but not. I’ve really enjoyed it, so I was glad to catch the second half of it this afternoon.

I have to say that it’s been really nice to just enjoy a few movies for what they are and stories they tell. I know not all low-budget films are bad. I’ve enjoyed my share of a few. Also, some high budget films are complete crap. And even though I heckled that Robin Hood movie, I’ve actually seen it twice. Sometimes you need a bit of a mixed bag. Grimm’s Snow White, however; that goes in the Hefty sack.


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  1. I’ll have to check out the Timer movie, I have very little interest in war movies. When I watch a movie I prefer to escape to a land of near complete make-believe, suspending reality as I know it. I liked Returner for this reason – and the drool inducing eye candy. LOTR is a nice rainy day series, but epic films tend to drain me. May I suggest a review of Bill and Ted movies? We loved them way-back-when, but we’re different people this decade.

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