The Inevitable

I knew this would happen eventually. At the very beginning of this project—in the very first post—I said I would publish new entries on a weekly basis. Otherwise, I would get out of habit and the blog would devolve into the stereotypical blog that starts of with post aplenty followed by weeks then months of nothing.

But you know…life happens and it’s not always easy to find the time to work on a review or think out a current topic upon which to discuss. Anyhoo…I’ve really been enjoying working on this blog, and I hope that you few readers o’mine are enjoying it too.

So here’s my new rule. If I miss a week of posting a new entry, then the following week must have a make-up post. I think that’s doable.  That said…this week, I shall endeavor to entertain you with two blog posts. We will have that review I’ve been promising you as well as a general look back upon a short film franchise that I kind of enjoyed. Not a “meh” franchise really, but fun to discuss and think about.

This post, obviously, doesn’t count. So…it’s sort of like you are getting 3 posts for the price of 1. Kind of. Except this is all free. Yeah.


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Movie watcher; book addict; popular culture connoisseur; avid Tetris player. That's me!

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  1. Free blogs! Yay!! Glad to hear you’re sticking with it. Its a good idea to get this on paper. Um, … well, can we even use that phrase any more?

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