Marathon Ma’am

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. I know I did. I ate too much food, drank not enough wine, and enjoyed the company of beloved family members. Warm fuzzies all around.  We don’t have too many traditions for Thanksgiving. I beg my mom to make her broccoli casserole every year (because it’s freakin’ awesome), and we usually ignore the Black Friday shopping. The traditions really come into play at Christmas.

But there is one tradition that isn’t a tradition so much as a habit: marathons. Not the running kind. The only way to get me to run is to set an angry grizzly or small dog on me. I’m talking the butt-numbing televised marathons the networks unleash just in time for all the belt loosening food comas.

I thought I would highlight the usual movie marathons that seem to be airing every year as well as some of the TV shows that also get air time. Some of these have moved out towards Christmas and others are no more. So here we go:

1.  Mystery Science Theater 3000. Back in the day there was a most excellent program on Comedy Central. It told the tale of Joel (or later Mike) who was stranded on the Satellite of Love with only his robot friends to entertain him. He was forced to watch cheesy movies, and we the viewer got to watch said movies along with Joel/Mike, Crow and Tom Servo as they heckled and riffed on such cinematic delights such as The Magic Sword; Horrors of Spider Island; and Prince of SpaceDuring its tenure at Comedy Central, the show was a Saturday morning mainstay for my brother and me. But it was Thanksgiving that the show went into marathon mode. For 30 hours, MST3K  celebrated “Turkey Day” (a joke I just now got).  We would tune in and watch episode after episode and laugh our way through the holiday. The show later moved to Syfy (née SciFi) but alas no such marathon took place.

2. Bond-a-thon.  I can’t remember which network hosts it (I think TNT did at one time, and then Spike) but someone is usually airing the James Bond movies at some point during Thanksgiving weekend. I used to watch these. It’s fun to guess the movie when you jump in while one is currently in progress.

3. Star Wars. I would suggest that the SW films marathon during the weekend, but I think these air every weekend. It’s that or the Lord of the Rings movies. One is always on during the weekends. But whatever.

4. Harry Potter movies. I know for a fact, I have stumbled into a Harry Potter movie marathon during Thanksgiving weekends. I very clearly remember getting caught up last year while visiting my grandmother. The network that airs this one (ABC Family) can take a normally two-hour film and put in so many commercial breaks that the movie stretches out to almost four hours! I’m waiting for the day when the movie interrupts the stream of commercials. It’s that crazy. Like SW and LOTR, HP movies are becoming more and more commonplace. Toss in a holiday weekend, and Hogwarts will be there.

5. A Christmas Story. Yes, I am aware that this movie airs on heavy repeat right around Christmas Day. But it’s almost that time. I’m just reminding you in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade.


So those were the movie marathons. I didn’t really engage in any of those this year. Instead, my family and I enjoyed a few hours of some regular television programming:

1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I thank my lucky stars for the day my brother told me about this show. It’s got to be the funniest and most disturbing television show I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been so appalled while laughing so hard I’m crying ever in my life.  Oddly enough, my family tends to watch this on Christmas Day. I usually get the latest season on DVD for my sibling, and we always put it in and enjoy a few episodes. Well, Christmas came early this year! It was on the tube, and one of my favorite episodes, “The Gang Solves the Oil Crisis” was on.  “Wildcard, bitches! Yeeeee haw!”

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Some channel (I can’t remember which!) aired a TNG marathon! In my humble opinion, I really think the TNG series is the best. Patrick Stewart is the man, and no one should ever go anywhere near a holodeck ever.

3. This is a bonus one. This show did not air this year as far as I know, but I have such a happy, funny memory of it. The show is Ninja Warrior. One Thanksgiving, several years ago, G4 aired a marathon of this program. My brother and I watched it all day long. Even when we were sitting down with family to eat our holiday meal, both of us kept peering over our shoulders at the television set which we had left on. We were that into the ‘thon. It was awesome.


So, those are televised movie/TV marathons I’ve caught in the past whilst celebrating Thanksgiving day and weekend. Some people shop. Me? I pour more wine and settle in for some televised entertainment. How about you folks?



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