Mr. Lincoln goes to Hollywood

Sometime over the Thanksgiving weekend, my brother announced that there were too many “Lincoln” movies and it was hard to keep them straight. The thought might have occurred to him about ten minutes into Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln  when he leaned toward me in the theater and whispered “So….I’m guessing this is the one without the zombies.” I would have thought it obvious since this was the Daniel Day-Lewis / Spielberg movie and that the movie was not only sold out but that the theater was also full of kindly white-haired elder persons. This didn’t faze my brother at all, not did it alter his assumption that we were there to see the zombie Lincoln.

Apparently 2012 is the Year of Lincoln, and my brother isn’t the only person to fall victim of movie mix-up. Several weeks ago, I posted my review of Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies. Several of my Facebook brethren and others in real life kept asking if this was a sequel to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It is not.  Others wondered if it was the same movie. It is not.  Allow me to resolve this problem.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: This film is based on the Seth Grahame-Smith novel of the same name. Benjamin Walker plays the title character who lives a double life (one part politician, one part vampire killer). I have neither read the book nor seen the film (it’s in my queue) so I can’t say much more.

Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies: Bill Oberst Jr. portrays our favorite prez as both a man of honor and a man of crazy zombie-killing action. He slices, he dices, he shares words of wisdom with little Teddy Roosevelt. My review for that movie is here. Enjoy.

Lincoln: This is the Daniel Day-Lewis / Spielberg flick. It was wonderful. It felt like the Oscars were already in hand. Day-Lewis is Lincoln. Tommy Lee Jones and an almost unrecognizable James Spader do steal the movie at times. Loved it.

There have been other Lincoln sightings this year aside from cinematic ones. On TV’s New Girl, Schmidt dressed up as Lincoln for the Halloween episode. In a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, comedian Louis CK played the guy. Quick! Someone please air Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or Kindergarten Cop!

This is neither the first nor the last occurrence of Hollywood releasing more than one movie of the same person/subject. In fact, 2012 might as well be the year of Alfred Hitchcock. Currently in theaters, there is a film called Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins. It’s about the making of Psycho. Also, HBO very  recently did a movie called The Girl in which Toby Jones played the famously jowled director.

Earlier this year, we were given two different Snow White versions. If we look further back in time, Hollywood once spent one year trying to kill us with volcanoes (1997’s Dante’s Peak  and Volcano) and another with meteors (1998’s Deep Impact  and Armageddon).  Go figure.

Anyways, I wanted to clear up the confusion with Mr. Lincoln and his many movies. Draw yourself a chart if you feel it will help. Otherwise, just enjoy whichever one you end up watching. Oh, and my brother really enjoyed Lincoln. I never doubted he would. I was just worried he was disappointed he didn’t see the zombie one. But there’s time for that.

****Special Note:  I’ll open December with a new review. It’s a sappy Christmas-themed flick brought to us from the good people at Hallmark. So prepare yourselves for sugary goodness.****



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