And the Winner Is….

At the time of my posting this, I will have seen three of the films recently nominated for Best Picture for this year’s Academy Awards:  Lincoln, Argo, and Les Miserables.

I still plan to see Beasts of the Southern Wild and Silver Linings Playbook. If I can catch the others before the ceremony, then so be it. But I don’t think I’ll be able to get to them in time. Movie-going is a financial investment these days!

Tonight the Golden Globes will air, and thus the first televised round of award-giving commences. I’ve heard time and time again, that the Golden Globes are the best predictor for Oscar. I’ve never been a big follower of that theory.  After all, the playing field of the GG’s is vast and a little bit crowded.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association splits the categories up between Drama and Comedy/Musical. Some people really like this, and I agree to a point.  After all, how can you decide which is the better film when the style and genres are so different?

But on the other hand, why should they be segregated? Most people would probably consider the one in the Drama category as the superior film but does the film being serious make it any better? Sometimes movies that make you laugh are just as wonderful if not better.  The best picture should be the best picture regardless of genre.

Anyways, I’ll most likely watch the GG’s tonight because though they not a super reliable Oscar-predictor (as I’ve already mentioned) they do assist with front-runner buzz.  If someone is nominated for Oscar and they win the GG, then that puts them in front-runner place. Of course, you have to add in the Screen Actors Guild, Director’s Guild, and BAFTA nominations if you really want a good prediction guide, but after the GG’s it’s all about buzz. And the buzz is what you need to pay attention to in the weeks and days running up to Oscar-time. Sometimes that makes a difference. Or maybe it makes no difference at all. It’s tough to tell.

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s Oscar that I really pay attention to. For one thing, it’s fun to predict—especially if you get them right. For another, I have a wager to win. For the past couple years, I have competed against a friend to see who can pick the most winners. The prize? Besides bragging rights for an entire year, the winner also gets treated to the movie of his/her choice. The loser has to pay. So far, we have each won once. I lost last year. I can’t remember how I lost, but I did. I think it’s those documentaries. They get you every time.

I plan to reclaim the title this year. It will be a challenge, though. My opponent has seen more of the nominated films than I have. I am, however, working to even out the playing field a bit. Plus, if memory serves, I remain undefeated in my predicting of the Best Original Score and Best Song categories. So I have that, I think…maybe…

So let the awards season begin! I’m ready. As we get closer in, and when I finally make up my mind, I’ll post my Oscar predictions for you. We’ll see if I still have the gift.

How about you? Do any of your follow along with the film awards? Or do you have actual lives?







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