Believe it or not, but….I haven’t watched a movie in well over a week. Crazy, right?  I think so. I’ve been busy playing catch-up on Sanctuary (just finishing up Season 3), playing Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3 (it’s on loan, so I’m trying to get through it quickly), and prepping for my upcoming vacation.  On top of work and other life activities, movie-watching took a much needed break.

I have a review I’m working on for you. I recently watched Blood of Beasts which um..was a little bloody and there was a beast so they have that in their favor. When I finish the review, it shall be posted. No need to fear missing out on that one. I have more than a few things to say.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make (and am doing a terrible job at doing so) is that in a couple weeks, I’ll be more than ready for some serious movie-watching, heckling, and reviewing. I hope you will tune in and laugh with me (or at me–whichever). 

Until then, enjoy the intermission music. 


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  1. Blood of beasts sounds like a bad day at an office full of women.

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