Happy Birthday to Meh

It has been a whole year (and a week) since I started this project. One year!!! Happy Birthday to my little blog!!!!

When I first posted my plan for this blog, I had no idea I would still be working on it a year later. Not that I planned to write a couple posts and ditch the project, but I just couldn’t see that far out. Now, 51 posts later, here we are.

I’d like to thank my followers and any stray readers that come across my little island of movie rants.  I’d like to thank all those B-movies out there. Thank you to Syfy, Hallmark, and ye olde made for television movies. Keep making those movies, folks.

If I had cake, I’d share it. Not sure how to do that via the interwebs, but you get the picture. Just go out and get a cupcake or something. Sneak it into a film and enjoy it there.  Do not send me your receipt. You will not be reimbursed.

Looking ahead, I have two pieces I’m working on at present. So stay tuned…

Thanks again for reading!




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  1. The cake is a lie. Happy Birthday!
    Have you seen the preview for Rapture-Palooza?!?! Wow! Even the preview was painful to watch. Not only is the plot ridiculous in a way that Good Omens is awesome, the lead actress has three expressions that all look like lolcats. I would love to hear what you have to say about this one, but first I need to re-read Good Omens. For some reason the ending never sticks with me. Its like I’ve had a mind-erase technique performed forcing me to read it again and again. I know I loved it, but I can’t remember why…

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