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Sports on Film

So I took September off. Sorry about that. Actually, I take that back. I’m not sorry. If I had posted anything last month, it would have been half-assed and uninspired. You deserve better than that. So it’s good quality posts or nothing at all. Also, I’ve been spending lots of non-work free time playing Dragon Age II. So there’s that too. *cough*

Anyways, I was searching for a topic when my friend Kirk suggested I write about why Rudy  is the best sports movie ever.  Sadly, I disagree. Okay, maybe it is on some list somewheres, but I’ve never really cared for it. Sports isn’t really my game. I follow some men’s tennis. I sort of pay attention with the football and when it’s World Cup season, I’m watching the soccer. I also enjoy watching winter olympics events. Otherwise, I spend most of my time doing other things. I’m more of an indoorsy type.

I know folks who sacrifice whole weekends to sitting in front of the tv for marathons of football or basketball and the like. I have neither the patience nor the time. But sports in movies?  Sports in movies only gives you the highlights. You don’t have to sit through a 3-4 hour football game with all it’s starts, stops and advertisements for erectile dysfunction meds. Sports in movies takes you into the personal struggles of the players, coaches and fans. It’s the best!

Here’s what I have done. Listed below by sport are the sports movies I will watch which veer more towards the lighter, comedic side of sports movies. There’s no weeping in this list:

 Football:  The Replacements because you can get through most of a season in less than two hours. Because the team is made up of misfits. Because Rhys Ifans makes me smile (because he’s “wiry”).  Because Keanu is my quarterback.

Ice Hockey The Mighty Ducks. What can I say? It was fun and the final game was pretty intense.

Racing (cars):  Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo because it’s a self-aware car in a European rally race. Also, Herbie falls in love. It’s cute.

Racing (people): Walk, Don’t Run because it’s a fun movie set during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Because the highlighted event is racewalking.  And Cary Grant is in it.

 Martial Arts The Karate Kid (original 1984) because it was cool. Duh.

Soccer:  Bend it Like Beckham because it was cute and humorous and exciting and a little dramatic and never ceased to be anything other than entertaining.

Baseball:  The Sandlot because it’s not only about love of the game, but it’s about having fun too—something that’s way out of focus in sports these days. This movie will live on FOREVER