Greetings and salutations

I’m Andrea, and this here’s my blog. It’s reason for being is to celebrate, publicly flog, and discuss some of those movies that aren’t quite good enough to make the B list, but are still kind of fun to watch. So what if they aren’t Oscar-worthy? I’m getting a good laugh out of them, and I hope you are too. I’ll also talk about movie stuff in general—whatever I happen to find floating along in the Sea of Stuff.

I’m waving my geek flag here. I’m addicted to reading and usually have 2 or 3 books going at one time. I love to cook, travel, and play board games. The first time I played Monopoly, I was driven to tears by my own grandmother. As a result, I hate to lose and will stick it out for a full 5-hour game just to keep you from winning too fast. I have only recently upgraded to the current generation Playstation system, but I still keep the old PS2 around for some pixelated oldies but goodies. I also have the uncanny ability to tell you exactly who that guy is that was in that thing that time. Usually it’s Christopher Walken.

Obviously there’s more to me than just that, but you aren’t here for me. So please head back over to the main page and enjoy yourself. Maybe you’ll find a couple movies worth heckling on a Saturday night.

And if you can’t remember what movie that guy was in that time, go ahead and ask.


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