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Sports on Film

So I took September off. Sorry about that. Actually, I take that back. I’m not sorry. If I had posted anything last month, it would have been half-assed and uninspired. You deserve better than that. So it’s good quality posts or nothing at all. Also, I’ve been spending lots of non-work free time playing Dragon Age II. So there’s that too. *cough*

Anyways, I was searching for a topic when my friend Kirk suggested I write about why Rudy  is the best sports movie ever.  Sadly, I disagree. Okay, maybe it is on some list somewheres, but I’ve never really cared for it. Sports isn’t really my game. I follow some men’s tennis. I sort of pay attention with the football and when it’s World Cup season, I’m watching the soccer. I also enjoy watching winter olympics events. Otherwise, I spend most of my time doing other things. I’m more of an indoorsy type.

I know folks who sacrifice whole weekends to sitting in front of the tv for marathons of football or basketball and the like. I have neither the patience nor the time. But sports in movies?  Sports in movies only gives you the highlights. You don’t have to sit through a 3-4 hour football game with all it’s starts, stops and advertisements for erectile dysfunction meds. Sports in movies takes you into the personal struggles of the players, coaches and fans. It’s the best!

Here’s what I have done. Listed below by sport are the sports movies I will watch which veer more towards the lighter, comedic side of sports movies. There’s no weeping in this list:

 Football:  The Replacements because you can get through most of a season in less than two hours. Because the team is made up of misfits. Because Rhys Ifans makes me smile (because he’s “wiry”).  Because Keanu is my quarterback.

Ice Hockey The Mighty Ducks. What can I say? It was fun and the final game was pretty intense.

Racing (cars):  Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo because it’s a self-aware car in a European rally race. Also, Herbie falls in love. It’s cute.

Racing (people): Walk, Don’t Run because it’s a fun movie set during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Because the highlighted event is racewalking.  And Cary Grant is in it.

 Martial Arts The Karate Kid (original 1984) because it was cool. Duh.

Soccer:  Bend it Like Beckham because it was cute and humorous and exciting and a little dramatic and never ceased to be anything other than entertaining.

Baseball:  The Sandlot because it’s not only about love of the game, but it’s about having fun too—something that’s way out of focus in sports these days. This movie will live on FOREVER










Summer’s End

Wow. I just did a count of all the movies I’ve seen this summer. We’ve hit a new record low, folks. I’ve only seen 3 films. But you know what? I’m totally cool with that.

In the days of yore before I had, you know, bills and a car payment, rent, etc., I would see almost every film released during the summer season. I used to collect the ticket stubs and marvel at their number.

Mind you, this was also when matinée showings were around $3 and evening films were $5-ish. Today’s matinée showing of The World’s End (I’ll get to that in a bit) was $8 freaking dollars!!! WTF!

My overdue point here is that I can no longer afford to go to every release as that really adds up. Instead of marveling at my stub stack, I’d be marveling as how quickly my bank balance plummeted. Ha!

Anyways, things being what they are, I’ve become a little particular when it comes to what I see over the summer months. I check out the releases and make a list of (a) what I’d like to see and then out of that (b) what I must, by all means, see. The rest go straight to the Netflix queue. Needless to say, my queue is a bit crowded right now.

So..what trifecta of films made the grade?

  1. Star Trek Into Darkness
  2. Pacific Rim
  3. The World’s End.

Just looking at that list made me realize that my genre of choice must be science fiction. Again, totally cool with that. Most of my favorite movies fall into that bucket, and really, why else do we go to the movies but to escape? There’s no further escape than sci-fi.

I’ve raved about Pacific Rim already, so you don’t need my thoughts on that. Star Trek? All I need to tell you is this: Cumberbatch. Nuff said. But The World’s End? Ahh…I’ve decided it’s the perfect film to watch for this summer’s end.

The World’s End is the final film of the “Three Flavors of Cornetto” trilogy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and directed by Edgar Wright. The other two films are Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  TWE follows a group of friends as they attempt to recreate a pub crawl from their youth. During the crawl they discover their hometown has been taken over by aliens. The premise is a little zany but it totally works.

I’m a HUGE Simon Pegg fan so it’s hard for me to find anything wrong with the film other than that it had a bit of a slow start. Aside from that, it was awesome. There were several cameos from folks who were in the other two films as well as a couple from the Pegg/Frost/Wright TV show, Spaced  (if you haven’t seen this, shame on you).

Oh, also this movie was damn funny. I laughed and laughed. People in the theater laughed too. It wasn’t just me!! Anyways, that’s about it. I just wanted to note the few films I saw and say that I’m glad I saw them.

Did you see any stand-out films over the summer? Are you having to be choosy too? Let me know.

Happy Birthday to Meh

It has been a whole year (and a week) since I started this project. One year!!! Happy Birthday to my little blog!!!!

When I first posted my plan for this blog, I had no idea I would still be working on it a year later. Not that I planned to write a couple posts and ditch the project, but I just couldn’t see that far out. Now, 51 posts later, here we are.

I’d like to thank my followers and any stray readers that come across my little island of movie rants.  I’d like to thank all those B-movies out there. Thank you to Syfy, Hallmark, and ye olde made for television movies. Keep making those movies, folks.

If I had cake, I’d share it. Not sure how to do that via the interwebs, but you get the picture. Just go out and get a cupcake or something. Sneak it into a film and enjoy it there.  Do not send me your receipt. You will not be reimbursed.

Looking ahead, I have two pieces I’m working on at present. So stay tuned…

Thanks again for reading!



Seasonal Mirth

Summer is here and I’m in a funk. Instead of hanging out at the local movie theater to see the latest and greatest (and I do plan to do that. I did see the new Star Trek movie, and I highly endorse it)…and instead of grilling all manner of meat and veg whilst enjoying a cold beer or two…

Confession time. I’ve been doing something else. I’ve been secretly watching cheesy Christmas movies again. It’s not even that time of year!! I’m so embarrassed. 

Last week I watched A Christmas Kiss in which a girl and a guy in a falling elevator (it rights itself, don’t worry) kiss and then while she later recognizes him, he does not reciprocate. This is mainly due to the fact that her makeup artist roommate had painted her face all up prior to the drama. Mystery elevator man turns out to be a wealthy philanthropist (aren’t they all?) who is planning the annual charity event for his family’s um…charity. Our girl is an interior decorator who works for an evil harpy who happens to be dating mystery elevator man. Is he with the right woman? Will the charity event be as Christmasy as it can be? [Side note: This movie was sooooo cheesy and sugary. Acting was pretty crummy in places and the story was predictable. I watched every second.]

The other movie I recently watched was Christmas in Boston starring Marla Sokoloff who you might remember from Full House but most likely from The Practice. Sokoloff plays a newspaper reporter who is covering a local toy expo. The thing is…her long time pen pal whom she’s never met is also at the expo. They decide to finally meet up. The other thing is…both Sokoloff and her pen pal have exchanged pictures not of themselves but of their respective besties. What does one do in a TV movie? One asks loyal friend to pretend to be him/her and meet the other person. Confused yet? I was just a little. But it’s really cute and festive in all its seasonal mirth. Yes, I saw that I used that phrase and you know what? I’m keeping it. Seasonal mirth, I’ll say it again.

And so what if I watched the end of a movie (never caught the title) where two orphan children were given some Christmas happiness and found a new home and family? So what if I cried a little bit?  It’s all good!

I actually have a couple more holiday-themed movies lined up to watch whenever I find a couple of hours to kill. I think Hulu might have Charlie Brown and Rudolph all year. I can watch those too!!! I’m a little bit worried. I might need help.

In-Flight Entertainment

I have returned from my vacation! Miss me? While  I’ve been traversing the globe, I’ve had a few good ideas for posts. One such idea came to me while I was trapped on a plane for a 10-hour transatlantic flight. But first, let me back up a bit.

The last time I flew from the US to Europe was two years ago. I flew Delta, and it was one of the older model planes. This meant that there were a series of monitors placed throughout the Economy cabin and we the passengers would watch whatever it was that was presented to us.  We all had to watch the same thing.  While an in-flight movie or TV show is most excellent, there was no choice in the matter. So in 2010, for my flight over the pond, these were the entertainments provided (per my journal notes):

  1. The King’s Speech (Oscar-winning and very good but alas edited for language which ruined one of the funniest sequences in the whole movie.)
  2. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (meh)
  3. The Karate Kid (The new version with Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s kid. Luckily, I think I slept through most of this)
  4. One episode of The Office
  5. One episode of Glee (by this point, I wondered if we had all died and this was perhaps Hell.)

On the flight back home, which is a longer flight btw, we were horribly punished by way of in-flight entertainment:

  1. Little Fockers (Noooooo!!!!)
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (eh…it was okay, but honestly I can’t remember much about it)
  3. Secretariat (This one was pretty good. High point of the flight home)
  4. One episode of The Big Bang Theory (a show I happen to enjoy)

Did you notice how there was less entertainment for the longer flight?  I sure did.  Anyways travel ahead to two years later (present day) and I’m on the plane again headed over the water. To my joy and surprise, Delta had upgraded their planes and now every passenger was given a personal screen with an array of film, television, and game choices!! Huzzah!

Choice! A fine thing unless you are watching the Matrix films in which the notion of choice becomes a HUGE philosophical cluster. But we aren’t at present, so let’s continue.

On my flight over this time, I mainly planned to sleep. That was a stupid plan because I’ve never been able to relax and sleep on planes. Also, while the airline offers seats with more leg-room, really they should be focusing on the fact that their seat cushions (while supposedly useful as floatation devices) are about as comfortable as a wooden church pew. A severe case of flatt-butt makes it difficult to snuggle into the plane seat. I digress….

Here are the shows/movies I watched on the way over when I wasn’t attempting some mode of sleep:

  1. An episode of Top Gear in which they went over the history of the Bond car. Richard Hammond hosted and it was really fun.
  2. The Girl (The HBO movie about Tippi Hedron and Alfred Hitchcock while they made The Birds and Marnie. I love Hitchcock’s movies, and found this behind the scenes story to be pretty good. Toby Jones was really creepy as Hitch. This was also really fun to watch since the airplane cabin was dark)
  3. Most of Wreck It Ralph (I was fortunate to have a very pleasant passenger in the window seat next to me, so we actually conversed with each other during our meals and between movie choices. For that reason, by the time I started this film, there wasn’t enough time left in the flight to finish it. So far so good though…)

On the flight home, I had an idea. I decided to watch two very different type of movies to see which would be the best kind to watch on a flight. After all, this was a tiny screen (smaller than the iPad). Would an action film not play out as well? Or, seeing as the flight back was longer and seemed so, would a drama increase the tedium? As a result, the following were watched:

  1. The Avengers I had seen this in the theater, so this was the first time watching since. (Sadly, my view screen was selective in any settings actions. I had to watch half the movie with only one ear bud in since I couldn’t get the volume down from 11 to a kinder, gentler, NORMAL volume. At some point though, the volume went to normal or else my eardrum just gave up) Overall, I’d say that while I enjoyed the movie greatly, I would have preferred to see it on a much larger screen as most of the action is just lost due to the size of the viewing area.
  2. Anna Karenina (the Keira Knightley version). I’ve never been a big fan of this story, but this adaptation totally sucked me in. For two hours I forgot I was on the plane. So maybe a smaller movie plays better with the limited space.
  3. Brave (This is the Pixar one that came out last year.) I had never seen it before. Animated films play out well on the view screen too. However, I wasn’t overly crazy about this one. Maybe it’s me. It was funny, sweet, exciting, and yet felt a little predictable. I felt it could have been a wee bit more than what it was.
  4. Hitchcock (the Anthony Hopkins version). I thought I’d bookend my flights with yet another movie about Hitch and his moviemaking. This one follows the great director as he worked to get Psycho made. I have the film on my Netflix queue right now because about halfway though the movie, everyone’s view screens froze up, and the flight attendants had to reset the system. If I wanted to finish the movie, I would have had to fast-forward through it, but the system didn’t fast-forward very quickly. A huge flaw, if you ask me.



Hooray for choice even though it comes in the form of a tiny screen! While action films might not work out as well, many other film and TV type options did. Boo for flawed touch screen technology, however. While I mainly had volume problems, the lady across the aisle from me couldn’t get her screen to even work. She had to sit and stare out the window for most of the flight. Lesson learned? Always pack a backup entertainment device be it iPad, book, or crossword.


Chupacabra vs what????

How on earth did I manage to hear about this AFTER it has aired???!!!  Syfy’s schedule shows the next air date as May 4. I’m tuning in. Oh yeah…

Seriously, with a title being Chupacabra vs The Alamo and Eric Estrada being the star….I can’t even form a full sentence. Needless to say, I will watch this movie. Has anyone seen it?


Fun factoids about the Chupacabra and the Alamo

1. The Chupacabra is listed in the animal grouping of “cryptid” which translates as a creature whose existence is suggested but has yet to be proven. Other cryptids include the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster.

2. There is no basement in the Alamo. I learned this from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure when he trekked to San Antonio in search of his stolen bicycle. The fortune teller told him it was in the basement.  Guess not.

Les Trois Couleurs Trilogy

Regular readers of mine know that I have a fascination with B movies. They are also aware that I have a love of all types of films and genres. This weekend, I thought I’d take a break from the mediocre (don’t despair, there’s more to come) and watch some truly wonderful cinema. This weekend, I’ve been watching films from Krzystzof Kieslowski’s Trois Couleurs trilogy.

If you aren’t familiar with these, I highly recommend them. A series of three films, each film is loosely based on the colors of the French flag and the ideals of the French Republic: liberty, equality and fraternity. If you haven’t already guessed, the films are in French (and Polish).  I know some people who can’t stand a subtitled movie. I don’t get it. A film is a film. Just because a film isn’t in English doesn’t make it any less of a film. Have you seen Empire of the Wolves? It’s a really good action/mystery. Loved it. 

Anyways, the order of the films is Blue, White, Red.  Or au français, Bleu, Blanc, Rouge. Blue stars Juliette Binoche (one of my favorite actresses) as the widow of a famous composer. Both her husband and her daughter have died in a car accident of which she is the lone survivor. The movie follows how she copes (or doesn’t cope) with the losses and how she finds herself and is able to carry on life from that point onwards. I don’t describe it well. It’s a very somber and moving film. Binoche’s performance is just superb. I have to be in the right kind of mood to watch this one, but when I do, I’m always moved.

White stars Julie Delphy and  Zbigniew Zamachowski as a recently divorced couple.  The grounds for said divorce are humiliating as Zamachowski’s Karol Karol was unable to perform his husbandly duty so to speak. Following the divorce, he falls to rock bottom. The film follows as he rebuilds his life and devises a plan to not only seek revenge against but also win back his ex. This films plays out with a slightly comedic tone.  I find it to be the weakest of the three, but it’s still enjoyable.

Red is my favorite of the bunch. This film follows the story of student/model Valentine (Irene Jacob) who accidentally hits the dog of a retired judge. She and the judge form a friendship, and she learns that he has been listening in on the phone calls of all his neighbors. Running parallel is the story of Valentine’s neighbor, Auguste who is studying to become a judge himself.  As the movie progresses, the seemingly separate paths of all the characters start intertwining. I don’t know what genre I’d put this movie in. Maybe mystery. It’s also such a wonderful example of good writing and character study.

What’s really cool about the trilogy is that each movie can easily stand on its own. At the same time, they are all loosely connected. Juliette Binoche’s character briefly appears (for about 5 seconds) in White. The main characters of Blue and White  appear briefly in Red.  I hardly ever watch them in order. Now that I think about it, I probably watch them in order of how I rank them. So that would be Red, Blue, White. But whatever. They are all good to watch.

So that’s my artsy-fartsy suggestion for now. I leave you with the Criterion Collection’s “3 reasons” for two of the films (I feel the one for White gives a spoiler or two) and the hopes that one day I will be able to fluently speak French. I keep trying, but alas, I only seem to remember the same sentences which translate as:

  • The monkey is on the branch. He plays banjo and smokes a pipe. (Thank you Eddie Izzard)
  • I work my pencil sharpener in the street.
  • Here is the key.
  • I do not understand.
  • You speak to0 fast for me.
  • Where is the library?
  • Where is the toilet?



I am the Oscar Master!!!

Greetings faithful minions. Tis I, the Oscar Master. I had a 75% accuracy rating this go-round. Also, I am soooo tired. The Oscar telecast didn’t end until midnight. I wasn’t able to get to sleep until 1am, and then I had to get up at 6. But you don’t care about my lack of sleep or the amount of concealer I had to use this morning, do you? No, because I know you are still in awe of my bright and shiny “Oscar Master” status. Needless to say, I won this year’s wager with my friend, Crint. There were seven categories where we differed, and I swept the lot of them.

Sometime late in the evening, after I had sealed the deal on my win, Crint sent me a text asking if I was going to refer to him as Crint the Loser in my blog post. Of course not! He is a very worthy opponent. First of all, he had seen all the movies; I had not. Second, he’s up on his awards show know-how. Okay, fine. I’ll use it just the one time a little later in the post.

Enough happy dancing and gloating. Okay, fine. I’ll do a last one of these and then I’m done.

As for the ceremony, I thought Seth MacFarlane did a fine job. It’s a tough gig. I thought the stint at the beginning where he and William Shatner (as Captain Kirk) tried to alter time to avoid a bad review was pretty funny albeit a little long. The  Flying Nun bit was a hoot.

It seemed that the theme of the evening might have been a salute to the movie musical. There were song and dance numbers all through the telecast. If we had chopped them down, we might have saved 45 minutes or so. If MacFarlane wasn’t singing about boobs (and it was funny!), then it was a long section starting with a performance of the entire “All that Jazz” from Chicago (meh) followed by Jennifer Hudson singing all of “And I am Telling You…” from Dreamgirls. Then the cast of Les Miserables came onstage to sing One Day More. It was all good, but again, long. Then later in the show, after the memorial section, Barbara Streisand crooned “The Way We Were.” Good grief!

There was one musical performance, however, that was totally worth it. As a salute to 50 years of James Bond, Shirley Bassey belted out “Goldfinger” and just wowed everyone.

I had one award grievance. I felt the Best Song nominees who weren’t named Adele were given the crap end of the stick last night.  During the Les Mis portion of a musical number, Hugh Jackman started in on the opening bars of “Suddenly.”  A little while later in the show Adele had an entire showcase for “Skyfall” complete with on-stage orchestra and backup chorus. Then later on, Norah Jones stood solo on the stage, and was able to sing a little bit of “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from Ted. What about the songs from Life of Pi and Chasing Ice? They played snippets of those via film clips right before the award was handed out. I don’t know. Maybe it’s cause I’m not an Adele fan, but it didn’t feel like equal screen time.  Whatever, I’m the Oscar Master! I got 18 of 24 right! If only my fortune-telling skills worked for useful things like the lottery or investment options. Oh well.

My favorite things from last night:

  • Jennifer Lawrence’s classy recovery from falling over as she made her way to the stage to receive her Oscar.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis’ funny speech about swapping roles with Meryl Streep (he to play Margaret Thatcher and she to play Lincoln).
  • The Von Trapp Family Singers bit (probably tasteless, but I laughed)
  • Beards. Almost every man in the Dolby Theatre was sporting a beard. Not everyone rocked the facial fuzz. George Clooney, while a very dashing man 99% of the time, looked to me like he was about 20 lbs away from playing the role of George Lucas in some biopic. Hugh Jackman and Chris Pine, on the other hand…Hello Nurse!
  • Ben Affleck’s heartfelt speech when Argo won for Best Picture. Way to go, Ben!

Questions from Last Night

  • Why were there so many beards?
  • What happened to Kristen Stewart? At one point in the ceremony, she and Daniel Radcliffe were onstage together. Not only did she limp her way out to the mic, but then she seemed to impatiently (or maybe nervously) tap her foot the whole time. Also, she looked as if she had been rolling around on the floor prior to heading onstage. Maybe there was a celebrity wrestling ring back there or something.
  • Did George Clooney actually (a) open and if so (b) drink the mini-bottle of Jack Daniels that MacFarlane tossed his way?
  • Why was the awards show orchestra playing in a studio down the street instead of at the Dolby?
  • Bonus: Did everyone notice Hugh Jackman start towards the stage to assist Jennifer Lawrence when she fell? He’s just so wonderful.

So that’s that, kids. Oscar Master for now, and then I get to defend my title in 2014. As winner of this year’s wager, I not only get the groovy title, but I also get treated to the movie of my choice by Crint the Loser (It is a catchy nickname, isn’t it?). I’m debating between Jack the Giant Slayer and Oz the Great and Powerful. Thoughts?

BTW, I have recapped the winners below in case you are interested.

Best Picture:  Argo 

Best Director: Ang Lee for Life of Pi

Best Actor in Leading Role: Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook

Supporting Actor:  Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables

Cinematography: Life of Pi

Animated Feature Film:  Brave

Foreign Language Film: Amour

Film Editing: Argo

Adapted Screenplay: Argo

Original Screenplay: Django Unchained

Original Score: Life of Pi

Documentary (Feature): Searching for Sugar Man

Documentary (Short):  Inocente

Visual Effects: Life of Pi

Short Film (Animated): Paperman

Short Film (Live Action): Curfew

Production Design:  Lincoln

Costume Design: Anna Karenina

Sound Editing: Zero Dark Thirty

Sound Mixing: Les Miserables

Make-up:  Les Miserables

Original Song: “Skyfall” (Skyfall)

And the Winner Could Be…

Here we go. Oscar time! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a wager going with a buddy of mine as to who can best predict the winners. Once again, here are the rules:

We each pick a potential winner for each of the categories. We compare our ballots. Any categories of which we pick the same movie get highlighted in yellow. Otherwise, all his picks are in blue and mine in pink. Each predicted win awards 1 point. At the end of the program, the person with the most points gets bragging rights for a year and also gets treated to the movie of his/her choice as paid for by the loser

We used to do a tie-breaker question. Last year it was how long to the minute the ceremony would last. The closest answer won. This year, we decided that since we’ve both one once already, that we would ignore a tiebreaker and just admit that we are both experts in our fields and see a movie together to celebrate. It’s a warm fuzzy all around.

So that said, we take this thing semi-seriously. My opponent, Crint, makes every effort to see each of the nominated films. While I usually see most of them, I don’t go out of my way to see them all. However, I do my research. I watch trailers and read reviews. I pay attention to buzz and the political climate of awards season. I compare and contrast the nominees. I check them against whether they’ve ever been nominated or won before. In a lot of cases, I can rule out a nominee by realizing that the nomination was the award all along.  I also pay attention to which categories some films are in. Sometimes you can zero in on a potential winner or rule out a nominee that way.

I try to stay away from other Oscar predictions, but it’s really difficult to do. When I do run across them, I do the honest cheater’s thing and check to see if my picks are in agreement. However, I usually stick to my gut. This has worked both for and against me. Really, it’s just a guessing game. It’s like being skilled at playing “which hand.” It’s silly really, but I enjoy the competition.

Picking this year’s potential winners has been really difficult. Unlike last year with The Artist and The King’s Speech the year before, this year has no front-runner. If you asked me back in December, I would have told you it was Lincoln but things have since changed. I think this year we get a mixed bag of winners.  In some ways, that’s a good thing. While there’s no projected sweep of the categories, it’s nice that many different films have a good chance to be in the limelight on Sunday. I kind of like it.

Okay, enough stalling. Here are my picks:

Best Picture:  Argo  I think this is the movie to beat. It’s crazy suspenseful, it had drama, it has comedy, it’s based on true events, and Hollywood plays a major part.  I think Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook are potential winners, but in my opinion, they are in a distant second and third.

Best Director: Stephen Spielberg for Lincoln

Best Actor in Leading Role: Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook

Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables

Cinematography: Life of Pi

Animated Feature Film: Wreck-It Ralph

Foreign Language Film: Amour

Film Editing: Argo

Adapted Screenplay: Argo

Original Screenplay: Django Unchained

Original Score: Life of Pi

Documentary (Feature): Searching for Sugar Man

Documentary (Short): Open Heart

Visual Effects: Life of Pi

Short Film (Animated): Paperman

Short Film (Live Action): Curfew

Production Design: Anna Karenina

Costume Design: Anna Karenina

Sound Editing: Zero Dark Thirty

Sound Mixing: Les Miserables

Make-up: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Original Song: “Skyfall” (Skyfall)

Crint and I only differ on seven categories which is nice. Last year, I think we agreed on all categories but two. So this year should definitely be fun. He’s clearly wrong on some of his choices, but what can you do? Ha ha.

So those are my predictions for Sunday night. I’ll report back Monday to see how well or horrible I did at playing Miss Cleo. I’ll also let you know who won the wager. I can tell you are on the edge of your seat about that one.

Everyone have a good weekend!





And the Winner Is….

At the time of my posting this, I will have seen three of the films recently nominated for Best Picture for this year’s Academy Awards:  Lincoln, Argo, and Les Miserables.

I still plan to see Beasts of the Southern Wild and Silver Linings Playbook. If I can catch the others before the ceremony, then so be it. But I don’t think I’ll be able to get to them in time. Movie-going is a financial investment these days!

Tonight the Golden Globes will air, and thus the first televised round of award-giving commences. I’ve heard time and time again, that the Golden Globes are the best predictor for Oscar. I’ve never been a big follower of that theory.  After all, the playing field of the GG’s is vast and a little bit crowded.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association splits the categories up between Drama and Comedy/Musical. Some people really like this, and I agree to a point.  After all, how can you decide which is the better film when the style and genres are so different?

But on the other hand, why should they be segregated? Most people would probably consider the one in the Drama category as the superior film but does the film being serious make it any better? Sometimes movies that make you laugh are just as wonderful if not better.  The best picture should be the best picture regardless of genre.

Anyways, I’ll most likely watch the GG’s tonight because though they not a super reliable Oscar-predictor (as I’ve already mentioned) they do assist with front-runner buzz.  If someone is nominated for Oscar and they win the GG, then that puts them in front-runner place. Of course, you have to add in the Screen Actors Guild, Director’s Guild, and BAFTA nominations if you really want a good prediction guide, but after the GG’s it’s all about buzz. And the buzz is what you need to pay attention to in the weeks and days running up to Oscar-time. Sometimes that makes a difference. Or maybe it makes no difference at all. It’s tough to tell.

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s Oscar that I really pay attention to. For one thing, it’s fun to predict—especially if you get them right. For another, I have a wager to win. For the past couple years, I have competed against a friend to see who can pick the most winners. The prize? Besides bragging rights for an entire year, the winner also gets treated to the movie of his/her choice. The loser has to pay. So far, we have each won once. I lost last year. I can’t remember how I lost, but I did. I think it’s those documentaries. They get you every time.

I plan to reclaim the title this year. It will be a challenge, though. My opponent has seen more of the nominated films than I have. I am, however, working to even out the playing field a bit. Plus, if memory serves, I remain undefeated in my predicting of the Best Original Score and Best Song categories. So I have that, I think…maybe…

So let the awards season begin! I’m ready. As we get closer in, and when I finally make up my mind, I’ll post my Oscar predictions for you. We’ll see if I still have the gift.

How about you? Do any of your follow along with the film awards? Or do you have actual lives?