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Seven Questions for the Movie Gods

1.     Looper opens next weekend. Why oh why did they mess up Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face so that he could look more like Bruce Willis? With all the prosthetics and makeup, he still doesn’t look like Willis except for the intense “squint” expression.  Now it’s just distracting.

2.     When will someone make a movie where Matthew McConaughey and Josh Lucas play brothers? These too actually favor one another. Even their voices / speech patterns are similar.

3.     Did anyone else think that Source Code was sort of kind of like Twelve Monkeys meets Groundhog Day only not nearly as good as either?

4.     In Stand By Me does little Wil Wheaton really grow up to be Richard Dreyfuss? Really?? [Thanks to my good friend Zelda Ripley for inspiring this one]

5.     Will Luc Besson ever make the sequel to Leon: The Professional where Natalie Portman reprises her role as Matilda?

6.     Will romantic comedies ever return to the good old days like when we had Meg Ryan, or are we stuck with the Katherine Heigl / Gary Marshall era of rom-com? [Note: I’m not saying Meg Ryan has to star in the movie, but you have to admit the films she headlined in the 80s and 90s were pretty good. I’m just asking for better quality romantic comedies should the genre continue.]

7.     Coincidence or Conspiracy? In Sneakers Robert Redford’s character is named Martin Bishop. In Spy Game, Brad Pitt plays Redford’s protoge. His name is Tom Bishop. I always thought there was something there, but maybe it’s nothing.