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And the Winner Could Be…

Here we go. Oscar time! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a wager going with a buddy of mine as to who can best predict the winners. Once again, here are the rules:

We each pick a potential winner for each of the categories. We compare our ballots. Any categories of which we pick the same movie get highlighted in yellow. Otherwise, all his picks are in blue and mine in pink. Each predicted win awards 1 point. At the end of the program, the person with the most points gets bragging rights for a year and also gets treated to the movie of his/her choice as paid for by the loser

We used to do a tie-breaker question. Last year it was how long to the minute the ceremony would last. The closest answer won. This year, we decided that since we’ve both one once already, that we would ignore a tiebreaker and just admit that we are both experts in our fields and see a movie together to celebrate. It’s a warm fuzzy all around.

So that said, we take this thing semi-seriously. My opponent, Crint, makes every effort to see each of the nominated films. While I usually see most of them, I don’t go out of my way to see them all. However, I do my research. I watch trailers and read reviews. I pay attention to buzz and the political climate of awards season. I compare and contrast the nominees. I check them against whether they’ve ever been nominated or won before. In a lot of cases, I can rule out a nominee by realizing that the nomination was the award all along.  I also pay attention to which categories some films are in. Sometimes you can zero in on a potential winner or rule out a nominee that way.

I try to stay away from other Oscar predictions, but it’s really difficult to do. When I do run across them, I do the honest cheater’s thing and check to see if my picks are in agreement. However, I usually stick to my gut. This has worked both for and against me. Really, it’s just a guessing game. It’s like being skilled at playing “which hand.” It’s silly really, but I enjoy the competition.

Picking this year’s potential winners has been really difficult. Unlike last year with The Artist and The King’s Speech the year before, this year has no front-runner. If you asked me back in December, I would have told you it was Lincoln but things have since changed. I think this year we get a mixed bag of winners.  In some ways, that’s a good thing. While there’s no projected sweep of the categories, it’s nice that many different films have a good chance to be in the limelight on Sunday. I kind of like it.

Okay, enough stalling. Here are my picks:

Best Picture:  Argo  I think this is the movie to beat. It’s crazy suspenseful, it had drama, it has comedy, it’s based on true events, and Hollywood plays a major part.  I think Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook are potential winners, but in my opinion, they are in a distant second and third.

Best Director: Stephen Spielberg for Lincoln

Best Actor in Leading Role: Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook

Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables

Cinematography: Life of Pi

Animated Feature Film: Wreck-It Ralph

Foreign Language Film: Amour

Film Editing: Argo

Adapted Screenplay: Argo

Original Screenplay: Django Unchained

Original Score: Life of Pi

Documentary (Feature): Searching for Sugar Man

Documentary (Short): Open Heart

Visual Effects: Life of Pi

Short Film (Animated): Paperman

Short Film (Live Action): Curfew

Production Design: Anna Karenina

Costume Design: Anna Karenina

Sound Editing: Zero Dark Thirty

Sound Mixing: Les Miserables

Make-up: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Original Song: “Skyfall” (Skyfall)

Crint and I only differ on seven categories which is nice. Last year, I think we agreed on all categories but two. So this year should definitely be fun. He’s clearly wrong on some of his choices, but what can you do? Ha ha.

So those are my predictions for Sunday night. I’ll report back Monday to see how well or horrible I did at playing Miss Cleo. I’ll also let you know who won the wager. I can tell you are on the edge of your seat about that one.

Everyone have a good weekend!